Adult Therapy

What to Expect

Please call or email me to set up an initial phone consultation. This will be a time for you to express your therapy hopes and concerns, and for us to identify ways to collaborate and support your efforts. We can also go over logistics as scheduling and payment. You can ask me questions about my clinical approach and background and about therapy in general.  

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Individual Therapy

In psychotherapy, you and I work collaboratively to facilitate positive and desired change and improve your quality of life. Therapy can help people confront barriers that interfere with their functioning, relationships, productivity and emotional and mental well-being. Through psychotherapy, you can gain access to greater knowledge of yourself and your environment, and practice changes in your behaviors, thoughts, perceptions and relationships. Therapy can increase positive feelings such as compassion, love, courage, and peace. By going on this journey you do something for yourself; invest in your quality of life and your personal growth. Through the psychotherapy process we learn.

You can learn skills and create new experiences and possibilities for yourself, cultivate and strengthen abilities, or focus on untangling current knots of tension and stuckness in your relationships with yourself and with others, in your learning style, and your emotional well being.

Therapy includes pscyhoeducation about the different aspects of your current mental state; advocacy; exploration and empowerment; emotional support and encouragement; teaching of specific skills and techniques; structuring and organizing; clarifying current and past difficulties and experiences; creating together creative solutions for your areas of struggle; and moving you towards an active stance and sense of power, self-awareness and appreciation.

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Couples Therapy

Therapy provides opportunities for relearning and practicing healthier ways of being together, relating, and communicating. By encouraging awareness, commitment, and trust and fostering collaborative and hopeful actions your relationship can improve.

Whether there is a specific stressor or conflict in your relationship that you would like to resolve or there is a need for a deeper rebuilding of a new phase in your relationship psychotherapy can support and guide you through these changes. In therapy we explore goals, hopes, core difficulties and strengths and encourage creative and active attempts at resolution. We identify habits, patterns, and outcomes of our thoughts, perceptions and actions, and facilitate clarification and change of these often unnoticed responses and cycles.

Couples therapy can help couples in building the early foundations of their connection, in untangling stuck places in years long relationship or in recovering from a crisis or times or disconnect or tension.

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Weekly video therapy sessions can be suitable for many people. Online therapy might be for you if you’re leading a busy life with an unconventional or limited schedule, if you travel a lot, if you are socially anxious or struggle with meeting face-to-face and a variety of other circumstances.

E-Counseling makes therapy accessible if you are not mobile, if you live in a remote place or a small community, and have difficulty finding services in your area. Individual therapy through a video platform is offered to adults in long and short-term treatments. Want to learn more?

Together we can figure out what works for you